Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kate, Tory, somebody,help me!

I know I'm going to catch all kinds of grief regarding this post, but I'm perplexed, and I've got to figure out an alternative.

This is my current handbag; Black Kate Spade bag. Ben gave me this for Christmas 2008 or 2009. I can't remember. Nonetheless, I've been carrying the same bag for 2-3 years.

And this is what I put in it.

Wallet, sunglasses, keys, phone, work badge, baggu, lipstick and gloss, address book  (which could probably be eliminated with my phone), and stain stick (I'm messy and I have kids).

All things I feel I need.  My trouble is,my handbag cannot hold all this. I do have other beautiful designer handbags, but they are all even smaller, and I want a BAG.  A BIG BAG. One that can hold all my stuff comfortably. One that  I can close and it not look ridiculous.

So, I'm on a quest for a larger, more stylish bag.  HELP!

I like this from Tory..

 and this from Kate..

Got any ideas? Or, better yet, do you know anyone that will give me $400 for a new bag? Anyone..


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