Friday, May 20, 2011

An inspiring read....

The best gifts are those least expected. Geoff was in Boston for two days this week (researching young professionals --- apparently you need to go to Boston to do that?). He surprised me with a book that I've wanted for ages. If Carla remembers correctly, I tried to get her to go to the book signing in Atlanta.

Simon Pearce came into my life randomly. My co-worker and dear friend, Rose, was getting married and a money manager sent her a SP bowl as her wedding gift. I was smitten. It was breathtaking. My mom and I went to New York a few months later and she got me 2 of the Meriden Pitchers as a souvenir (remember their gorgeous store in SoHo? I miss it) --- the pitchers resembled the ones at Joe Allen -- they served glasses of wine in them. Anyways, the love affair continued with vases, lamps, candle holders, Christmas ornaments (I cherish my A.G. Edwards ornament), etc. Each time I'm in NYC, I bring something from Simon Pearce home. There's even the story of us all going to see Sweet Home Alabama and I made everyone stay through the credits so that I could prove to myself that I spotted SP correctly - which only perpetuated my love for his glass.

The book confirms that's he's a kindred spirit of Martha and Ina (my other loves) and he has a true yearning to live a quality and well thought out life. He enjoys making the simple things extraordinary. The book is gorgeous - the photography and writing are perfection. I'm in love with his house.....

Last but not least, Geoff surprised me with a new bowl. I wish I had 7 more so that I could serve my dessert for dinner club in them - one day! In the meantime, I'll appreciate it for it's simplicity and that it's absolutely extraordinary. -Shannon

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